-A 200 employee business with 10 Macs in the Art Department that need basic maintenance?

-An Ad Agency whose users are constantly having to replace fonts in each others documents?

-Tired and Listless?

-A home user who can’t quite get your wifi connection to reach the far end of your house?

-Someone who just needs some patient instruction and hand-holding to become more familiar with their Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iCloud?

-Interested in upgrading your home stereo to include a wireless Sonos System?

We can help!

It’s what we do…

Free onsite business consultation!

- Specializing in Ad Agencies, Art
Depts, Font Issues, and Graphics Apps

- Mac Workstation recommendations,
installation and troubleshooting

- Mac Server, Network, and Wifi
Setup and troubleshooting

- A great supplement to your
PC-oriented IT Department

One on One training and instruction!

- Specializing in the novice user
and the technologically timid!

- iMac, Macbook, iPhone and iPad
troubleshooting and diagnostics

-Assistance in setting up iCloud
services to sync data between all
your devices

- Out-of-Warranty repair services,
and diagnosis of in-warranty issues

- Home Audio/Video services, Wifi
Setup, Sonos installation and home
automation services

Email us at
or call 1-844-REX-TECH
(844-739-8324) to schedule
your FREE Business Consultation
or to discuss your home
computing issues!